Tuesday, November 4, 2008

how it used to be..bota-shah alam

looking through the last 3 years, lots of thing has change.. the characters are still the same, same plot( well,we did moved to new place), but we're still under the same roof... but nothing is the same anymore..
the way i look at them..
the way they look at me...

i am a better person now..he made who i am rite now, i am who i am when the other person met me..hate me for who i am when everything i am is the real me..
that is so cliche.. huh

the more i know their characteristic,the easier for me to actually hate them..
when we used to go anywhere together, no matter how hard it was now ol that doesn't seem possible anymore
how we used to laugh bout everything, now day..there will always something i said that will hurt them..