Thursday, January 22, 2009

kami suka memalukan diri

this is like the funniest thing ever happen,maybe memalukan yang boleh jadi..
last saturday, on the 17th we went to sunway lagoon to have, i'm not going to talk bout what actually while we're all in the lagoon, but,....hmmm~

we're on our way back, i can't actually remember which level we were at that time but, we're in front of the elevator waiting its door to open with this dull,tired face after all the excitement and conflict_should i call it a conflict, one of our friend has lost her car keys and we have to wait for lookin for it in the mall,and temanin her to each reception counter(which each floor has it) to make a report something..thanks i came with this brilliant idea,asked her to check the keys at her car and there it is,she left it in the car...aishh~_ok, well after all this kinna mixed up filling, again me took out my camera and we all started to pose in front of the mirror opposite the elevator..and suddenly the lift's door opened and it is full with people..dammit,malu giler kot..we decided to passed is and wait for the next one and again, kitorang bergambar depan mirror and again the elevator's door opened and kononnye nak cover malu la,we just entered it and suudenly we just realised the lift turun bawah,and we asked 'lift this turun bawah ke?' 'yes' this pak cik jawab with this intonation yang sangat our horror,ni lift yang tadi...that mean, we posed twice in front of them...mesti die ingat kitorang main main..

we took the next one~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

kehebatan 2008

i know it's kinna late to talk about 2008, is it? hmm, but like i care..
kerane kesibukan dan kekusutan akibat practical training which is so kurang menggembirakan, i dun have time to summarise my beautiful 2008..

SAYA SUKA 2008 kerana

-saya pegi minum teh

-saya mandi laut

-saya makan kek

-saya tangkap arnab

-saya pegi sabah

- dan saya gembira~

kamu semua 'kawan2' yang menggembirakan saya...