Saturday, February 28, 2009

need a break??

i would like to say, it is a one in a life time chance to feel the experience, but that would be such a lie for us, archy students...haha

a multi functional space_working area, eating and sleeping area plus recreational area(in ur dream) a well planned community area..

sleeping space : 2'x5'_maximum height is 2.5'_available in many interior selections..

: 24-7 air conditioned and wireless connection..the bathroom is within walking distance plus, a cafe within 500m radius for dine in

for reservation, please do apply for architecture course, a minimum 8 semesters program course which it is possible to be extended till 10 or 11 semesters...registration forms are now available, seeking for experience of life and money wasting u don't want to miss out..

the best experience where u'll meet a lot of creative weirdo who knows no shy and very very very friendly..

happy faces of satisfied clients..

Monday, February 23, 2009

dah elok

finally, the air cond functioned as it suppose to..can't believe what they did, try to save the energy by guna timer and look at what they've caused us..
panas sebab air cond rosak..
and rosakkam emosi orang je..aish..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

on lali day

a month of 'everyday date' plus sixth month of 'skyping'....

activity for today:
wall climbing at burger king..

another month of the 'lali day' without him by my side..
p/s..accidentally, i deleted my folder and its sub folder from me lappie a few days ago... permanently!! clumsy mumsy ziela azman...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

women..why are they so difficult?

what is it with them?
why is it so difficult for them to understand?
and why is it so difficult for u to understand them =)
can't they just take things as they are, simple..what's with all the questions?
what is in their mind?

the grass is greener on the other side, but why do they stay, waiting for the impossible...
sitting, waiting and wishing...

no one is perfect in this world especially today, that is so cliche..huh
is it their fault each time there's an argument, or is it just u being too difficult.. how many times the same mistakes should occur, for the same ending..

waiting for the impossible, just don't say u never saw it coming..
all the signs are there,the pushing and pulling.. just please be realisti
because everything is impossible and u know it..


nothing they say will change their mind, feeling, emotions,..towards u...
because the moment u spent with them, nothing anyone can

end it well, for a new beginning.. =)

p/s friday the happy seven month..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

meet the 'HENRY'

terlalu lama jam di habiskan di dalam studio,
waras semakin kurang diganti dengan kesengalan terlampau,
akibat daripada idea
kreatif yang tak berjaya di sampaikan kepada design,
samada 'design' mahupun furniture design,

mari berjumpa henry...

kagum dengan kehadiran henry

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the first and last-tagged by shaza


FIRST REAL BEST FRIEND : henna,anna,kelly..jarang jumpe pun=((
FIRST SCHOOL : tadika KEMAS, senawang
FIRST FUNERAL : my arwah nenek's brother

FIRST PET : a penyek nose persian cat called abang..
FIRST BIG TRIP : hmm...was that consider a a trip
FIRST FIGHT :selama seingatnya..primary school or earlier
FIRST LOVE : was it standard 6 or form 4..not sure what was it..haha
FIRST JOB : normally i'll just helping my mum at her florist


LAST PERSON YOU HUGGED : lili..just after the performance
LAST CAR RIDE : ieka's
LAST TIME YOU CRIED? : that was...hmmm
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED : underworld 3:rise of the lycans
LAST FOOD YOU ATE : potato bun
LAST ITEM BOUGHT : mineral water..munif cakap air ikan emas
LAST SHIRT WORN : freeze t-shirt
LAST PHONE CALL : imran_ 'aku dah nak sampai..jemput'
LAST TEXT MESSAGE : an argument with my lovie dovie ali regarding the snow penis..that's sooo not an art!
LAST FUNERAL : my aunt's..2 weeks before last hari raya..'semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat'
LAST TIME AT THE MALL : Berjaya Times Square-
LAST TIME YOU WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING : this image of me jumpe arnab soon..hope soo sob sob sob
LAST PERSON YOU SAW : well, on my right is ali hakim,eddy and naimah
LAST THING YOU DRANK : Mineral water,aquarious
LAST TIME YOU WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY : same as shaza..Pangkor trip last week

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i have problem..a problem..

how is it possible for me to easily feel this way, when everyone around are so happy enjoying each moment they have..
it's hard to to explain..

and there's no way to make 'them' understand

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


this issue has been discussed since seingatnya.. matang!!

ape itu??
sleazy selalu cakap die matang, and 'die cakap' lagi matang dari cot..
and for sure, cot akan cakap die lagi laa matang..
what is matang???
as what sleazy just told me, keluar bulu dari muka.. that is so lame..

and suddenly, i came out with this idea, suruh cot botakkan kepala and stop cukur muka..die mungkin 'nampak' matang pada orang yang first time jumpe..

how a day was started

feera: nini, kau rase kotak ni ok tak..boleh kot aku rase
nini: huh?
feera: ni,*tunjuk kotak kepada nini dan menuangkan segala isi perutnye_confetti

'happy brthday to you, happy birthday to you...................
babe, this is the only thing we manage to do..hope u like it...

a box of white confetti_sampah kering studio
10 second after everything...continue with furniture making..

a few hours later....

operasi mencuri dan membungkus...

wedding oh wedding..

ajim dah kawin!! wow..congrats..
sorry i can't join all of you to kedah..pegi pangkor..oppss~hehe..
but i did went to ur house that day..
nasi beriyani sedap..nyumm

p/s: haha,seems like a tradition in our family to use beg pipe and scottish band instead of kompang huh...

Monday, February 2, 2009

1443 on monday..

penat giler..
i can't remeber the last time i stayed up late with my working brain..
issues, objective, idea??
too sleepy to think,
i'll be in hibernate mode

Sunday, February 1, 2009

so far, that's the best...

went to pangkor end of last month,haha..that was the best so far..eventho the air was't as clean as we expect it to,but still we manage to have lot of fun.. sleazy, kamu kejam kerana tak jadi pegi..kami tiada guardian tau.. anyway.. the best part is when shaza has to go through all the timun laut..pasti die sangat traumatic, but i believe she did tell me,'i dah hilang takut kot sebab banyak sangat bende tu'.. haha syima jadi gadis beijing plus belanda..hehe yea~ as i said, so far..the best trip to pangkor.. semua masa milik kami..