Sunday, October 18, 2009

seliper's obsession

just realise, i have tooo~ many photo's collection, taken by me most the time adalah gambar kaki and seliper and maybe shoes sometime..

Friday, October 9, 2009

you're fat..

the situation: took place in mall, where this boyfriend went to temanin his love one shopping at one of the outlet store
girlfriend: hey sayang, u rase ok tak baju ni..what do u think??sesuai tak?
(the fact that she really like that baju)
boyfreind: ok laa..*mata pandang2 tempat lain..eventho he dun really like makes her look fat or maybe short, or..tak lawa langsung..
*so girlfriend, which one u prefer? the truth or the real truth...hahaha
it's harsh for you of hearing the truth from ur guy, but what do u expect them to answer..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

boys and girls and shopping

when a friend of mine tanye, kalau u beli kasut with ur boyfriend, did u asked for his opinion and what wud u rather hear..the truth or the other truth..hahahaha..
looking at my shoes, ahaa...kasut ni die yang pilih..hehehehehe..and i like it and the fact that he did helps me laaa, coz i tak tau nak beli ape that time..i was glad..

i know that some guys are not very keen of temanin the girlfren goes shopping, maybe because ape yang kitorang nampak tak same dgn ape korang nampak..bags are just the same, but it's not.. hard u guys find to temanin ur girlfriend beli barang, or maybe carikan barang for ur is the same susah for girls to cari barang for their man..