Friday, March 26, 2010

when i don't live mine anymore..

it took a year to meet,
and it took another year to meet again
and it's almost another year

i might be shallow as how i recall u called my thoughts...
and i am weak, for my weakness as i'm constraining myself from it..
do you see that,
can you hear it,
and what will you do about it?

i want the balloons, i want the flowers, i want what i want, and i want what i've lost for what i've missed for waiting for the old man for my tangerine.
but how could you?_with your dreams..

Friday, March 19, 2010

here is where, maybe u'll read it, maybe u won't read it..
make it stop, make her stop or you won't do anything?

here is where, for me telling you for the last time..
will you fight for it?

will you make it stop?

do you understand what are inside me right now?

here is where i'm telling you..
i'm sulking

here is where, i'm asking for the same thing again..
where am i? i'm not visible for my eyes to meet me

will you make it stop?

here is where i'll stop asking


am i still your other half, seems that words means nothing anymore


i'm sulking and it sucks.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

chocolate orange's box.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

off you go dear blindfold
where is yours i can't feel it
hunch hunch hunch

jack and the beanstalk

as lying on the floor, and she knocks the door
keep on knocking and knock and knock
and why am i here?
being missed just so sweet it taste like strawberry
why am i not there, and why don't you care
i am down on my knees asking for You to support me
embrace me please as it is getting drowsy
too see, and it strike me
bring me back to sanity for all that just sweet memories
not just sweet memories

Monday, March 1, 2010

how when you are too busy and you hope you can stop and do nothing, and it's weird when doing nothing at all is so difficult.although 'nothing' is the only way to put back all those pieces together.give up or give in.when things are too difficult for yourself to digest, you hope it is should be black and white, please stay as is simple and it is suppose to be is just hard and there's no way it will be easy.just no way!
it just dull, i mean black and white.but too many colours will break my heart.too many do people do it?once they make the decision, they stick with it?how can you tell the truth without breaking their hearts?how do they let go?

because i care less before, hoping it won't break me and at the edge of losing i know.
yesterday are just history, but what if my yesterday turn into my tomorrow?
its too beautifool, and it will stay
and i'll flee if its not anymore