Monday, May 31, 2010

moment satu

i have no idea what it is all about at the first time.
temuduga pertama seumur hidup..*wink
seriously, i was so clueless that time.
ada mamat ni yg sgt sibuk with his portfolios and talk bout rebung and hijjas, and the moment i ask him 'who's hijjas?' die pandang like i have some kind of disease.
and, when the panel asked who's my favourite architect?
and my answer was, 'the only architect i know is azhar sulaiman'.

and suddenly she turn out to be an ogre

i was planning to watch Shrek last week, but i changed my mind once i in front the ticket's counter and bought myself "Letters to Juliet'.Seriously it's a good movie.It is another heart breaking story.

and today, i got myself a ticket for Shrek Forever's quite a good one, tho some i know told me the other way around.i heard comments on how it's not as good as the first one or what ever. well, it is individual opinion anyway. But seriously, i like it.

Shrek is always about the combination of few fairy tales.and commonly, people would say fairy tale doesn't exist, but life sucks and there is no such thing as happily ever after.How is that possible? Just as u read story books on fairy tale, on how prince charming came to save the princess, or how the lady always wait for one true love kiss..and then happily ever sounded ridiculous i know..

but how would u define happily ever after? life sucks when it stays at the same level for a long period. "a comfort zone" because everything seems the same.even fairy tale has it upside down moments again and again.that's when they appreciate each other, and all the happy moments just came back.sometime we'll just wait to know why we have this feeling inside, or we just need to lose it to know how much it mean to us.

life will only be understand backwards, but it need to be live forward.why do we need time machine for? nothing is too late to be done

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i want ur cousin..i want ur cousin..
i'll take care of you, i promise..i won't lost you like how i did to ur half sister..i want you..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greener field-chapter 2

that's the best feeling ever,
holding on to something you believe although sometimes you'll be wondering..
putting 'what' and 'if' on the same sentence, and see what u'll get..
holding to what i believe, what if it doesn't exist..
holding to what i have, what if it won't be there tomorrow..
holding to what i once had, as my eyes don't meet
but why do i still believe..but why they're still butterflies

*maybe i know somewhere deep inside my soul that love never lasts,
and we've got to find another ways to make it alone
and i've always lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance
because none of it was ever worth the risk
but darling you're the only exception
you're the only exception
and i'm on my way to believing

pegang dan pegang hingga...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy birthday mama!

you forgive me for every mistakes i made, and still love me..
thank you for all the love and love again..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

if he don't care to explain, then don't come.he was my crush, i smiled at his sarcasm.he was the lover.if he don't care to explain, then don't come at all.

damn..kenapa gambar tak keluar!!! =(

sudah cukup!

you want it this way!
and u asked for it!

finally, penat!
if u want it back, try harder..

p/s perut kenyang dengan mereka.can u read this?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

me being silly this time =)


hah! i got this idea from seri's blog, yea i know, not like my birthday is around the corner, banyak banyak lagi simpang baru sampai sana..but still a month more to come and yea, ape i nak??
i change my mind like every second, it kinna frustrating everyone around me..

owh..i want that purse..i want i want..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

i'm a fool, help yourself if you want to be one too

let me tell you a secret

people come and go, some decided to stay as some will leave
or some'll decided to stay or i'll just 'shuhhh' them away
or i'll let them stay
you make me smile once,
and it's ur decision to make that come again
or i'll just flee

Friday, May 7, 2010


surat khabar lama

saya ada di situ dan anda tak nampak,
saya tiada di situ dan anda tidak sedar
kerana anda hanya nampak mereka
meraka yang dibanggakan anda
mereka yang anda pampangkan
kerana mereka yang anda puja
kerana mereka yang jauh digapai tangan
dan saya dibiar kerana saya tidak pernah dibanggakan anda
tidak pernah lagi
kerana mereka impian anda

apek, motor takde minyak ke?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i thought that's what we want, after all the waiting

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lorong lorong waktu terang

* pinggan terbang keluar tingkap dan melayang dan jatuh ke bumi..
'kepala hotak korang, da tau rumah bukan atas tanah, ingat2 la sikit kalau nak baling barang keluar tingkap tu'..

ok, that's not my own experience, i heard from dis kakak kat ofis ni.but i do use that same exact road,'lorong' everyday day.well, the pinggan belum lagi jatuh on me, but the other day while i was walking,heading to my firm, tengah jalan tak kacau sape sape pun, ada air jatuh..kene sikit kat baju, at my shoulder.dah la baju i putih, baru pagi nak pegi kerje pulak tu..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tick tick tick..ok stop!

colourful with black and white

think think think...owh, they really need to give me works to do, because i might reveal all the world secrets here, suffering like this..bosan..

i've been living in this new environment for quite a while(almost two months actually).new environment, working and living with new peoples at the same time.all at once.i'm not isolating myself from my previous life, just need to make few adjustments in my life since many things kinna have change.

i've been living with this idea in my head thinking that,
older people are serious and getting older means we're getting more serious and bored and not exciting

i've no idea how's my life will turn out to be in another few years and maybe if god will i'll live longer.i've been living with this idea of once you get older you'll be more serious and bored.i've been worried about that since i turned 18, can u believe that..=) and now, i am 23, and when i think back who i used to be and me today,hmmm...people might say life is simple as long as you make it simple.well, the truth is it's the way you live your life.working seriously is a terrible headache, as much as i enjoy telling myself i have to do this,and it's what people do for a living, every minutes came with 'rungutan'and thinking back during my life as a student,nothing different bout it.dulu pun merungut jugak.and penat, it's still the same.a little bit different but still the same because at the end of the day, i'm still the same dreamer wondering and keep on wondering..

thanks to you as always temanin' my journey as far as you can, it's not easy but you make it lighter =)

job hunting

job hunting..nice topic..
planning my life is the best thing to's all in my head, what to do, how it should be as madam Ong always told me,
stop wishful thinking, start doing it and show it instead of think think and think to make thing perfect, it'll never be me'..
hahaha..which is so true..

well, as usual everything just well planned in my clouds..and the reason for not continuing my degree straight away.i mean reasons.and when i finished mt last semester, one of the alasan untuk kerje dah, i have decided to rest for a while, it would be just for a month, that's what i thought..and then the New Year came, and it's been more that a month and a half.i don't even start doing my CV and portfolio and all my projects are everywhere.and i always told myself, i'll do it tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, i'll do it the next tomorrow and it goes on for another month.

sometimes, i just need to say start NOW instead of telling myself i'll do it..and waiting to be call back by firms are another 'keseksaan melampau'..cause i've done my effort, and i just need to wait and be patience..URGHH~..another months terbang begitu saja..and that's when i told myself, 'if only i apply awal'..

and bila dah dapat offer, waktu tu la baru banyak another offers came and u get confused..hahaha..sometimes, we just need to wait to see how much we worth out there, BUT waiting doesn't mean waiting and feel like a useless not appreciated loser, you just wait because you know you've done your part.

waiting and doing nothing that's the hardest thing to do.nothing exciting is happening and we just get more depressing.

fixing anf jointing and plumbing

and the other day, Ted suruh entertain the supplier.And he, the supplier sangatlah lama terangkan their products, it's a plumbing system made of PPP3 yada ya da yaadaa..and what caught my attention, the fixings they have for the system.they called it the 'male joint' and 'female joint'.All the time the guy keep on bising-bising explaining me about the product, my mind keep on wondering why they call it with-that-name...and it just struck me,owh~

If only i pay more attention during my services class, i'm sure i remember hearing it somewhere..

p/s: owh please laa give me some work to's nice knowing that i got paid up for doing nothing, but at certain point of time..i feel like i'm such an irrelevant

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tuesdays with Morrie

"As you grow, you learn more. If you stayed as ignorant as you were at twenty- two, you'd always be twenty-two. Aging is not just decay, you know. It's growth. It's more than the negative that you're going to die, it's the positive that you understand you're going to die, and that you live a better life because of it." _morrie

People will say, learn from others experience.Then you'll get stronger to be more softer.
Because when you're on bed, you're dead